8 Oct 2011

Vidyanagari, Kalina

Wordully Yours. The 1st Mumbai International Story Telling Festival.
Nasseeruddin Shah Narrating Ismat Chughtai's (عصمت چغتائی) Lajjo.

There couldn't have been a much better opening for this festival that celebrates the art of storytelling than one of the city's best actors narrating the story written by a writer who lived and died in this city - Ismat Chughtai

The English translations of her work is mind-blowing. That's because it seems so much ahead of her time. Listening to it narrated in Hindustani, a language that very few now read takes it to new heights. And imagine Nasseer doing it!

He stole the limelight at the morning's inaugural session. This was followed by an almost hypnotic key note address by Laura Simms of NY, USA. A story teller for many decades, she used a technique that suprisingly reminded me of the story telling tools our godmen and women use to mesmerize their flocks. Except that here it was to illustrate the power of telling a good story.

She will be narrating a story on Saturday afternoon, 4.30pm, at the Barfiwalla Hall, Valia College. It's on New Link Road, Andheri (W) Opposite The Club.

She will be followed by Muriel Bloch from France, Traditional Kerala Story tellers and Carmen and Lorenzo (Spain).

Be there! Bring friends, family and especially children along.

Website: http://www.wordfullyyours.org/

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The Floating Clouds said...

Wow, what a feast! Wish we had it in Bangalore. Superb picture of Naseeruddin. Share some more.

Anonymous said...

Love Naseeruddin Shah's expression in the 2nd click ...

Curry Spice said...

lucky monkey- the one time i regret not being in mumbai- even though i was in ahmedabad. :(

Vidya Sury said...

What fantastic pictures, Gopal - and a terrific way to start off the event. Add more, na?

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