19 Nov 2011

Fort + Mahim

Work Space Mumbai Series: Manholes.

This will come as a surprise for those have had the pleasure of smelling the Mumbai air: This city actually has a sewage system and one of India's best underground drainage system. At Mahim, hidden close to where the open drain called Mithi river is one of the biggest and most modern sewage treatment plant on the sub-continent. But that's a different story.

The truth is that we Mumbaikars are special, Special, compared to the residents of the rest of Maharashtra. Most cities and towns in Maharashtra do not even have a system as modern as the one found in Harrappan sites. And we call our state Maha-Rashtra. Their crap go into spetic tanks, lakes, rivers and the food we all eat, the water we all share.

Since we have a system in place, we also have manholes. They might not be covered with covers are elaborate as the ones found in Japan (pics) but they are still worth spotting.

Here are a few:

These 'Jaali' covers are used when a manhole is opened and men are working in a man-hole.

This is outside the big church at Fort. This should provide orgasms for the crowd that gets one the moment they see Bombay written instead of Mumbai.

Standard manhole covers from a few decades back. This one is at Hornima Circle.

Alien Manhole. I found just one with this shape near Rhythm House

Another common functional Mumbai design.

And finally, since the cast iron ones are stolen, the new concrete ones. In neighbouring Navi Mumbai, the local council experimented with plastic ones on footpaths and as expected they sag!


pRiyA said...

Loved this post Murgan saar. They have a certain sturdy dignity about them, those covers. And those Jap manhole covers, what can I say? Very Jap!

Monika said...


nash said...

haha great series. and the rhythm house one is spectacular! here's one from the london town http://www.flickr.com/photos/almostsolidblue/2976825483/in/photostream

Soni Somarajan said...

A very interesting story. The older manhole covers look more creative, sturdier and with lots of character. What is with these times?

crypticrow said...

fantastic post this! :)
love the entire blog actually.
and yes orgasm happened after seeing 'bombay' written all over! we are like that only. what to do.

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Thank you. It's interesting how the Bombay nostalgia works even now. :)

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