7 Nov 2011

Opera House

Extra shots from Opera Round the Corner for Live Mint.

The last time, me as well as the reporter I went with, had been to Opera House area of Mumbai was soon after the blasts. It happened on 13th July, 2011. It was like the coldest experience we ever had. The people were angry and reporters and camera people were on the receiving end and maybe rightly so.

It would've all been fine if we had known by now who actually planted the bombs.

However, this visit to find people who live in the area who have actually seen plays or movies at the Royal Opera House was the exact opposite. Warm smiles, hot chai, nostalgia. It was one good trip. Here are a few faces and pictures from the walk.

Opera House Bedding House

Singdaanawala outside Opera House

Dubash. An old resident who was visting the area he grew up in. Also, Silsila was the movie most people remember seeing.

Love his mustache!

The chair at Café de la Paix

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Alastairanson said...

The Ramos House Café is a hidden gem of comestible accomplishment in an accurate rustic setting.

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