10 Nov 2011

Parel + Mahanagarpalika Marg

Fathers on Education - Part 1.

I clicked these portraits across Mumbai for a presentation made by a speaker (I'm not sure if it was actually used though) at the recently concluded Thinkfest in Goa about the common man and his views on education.


Name: Brij Mohan
Has 4 children. 2 boys and 2 girls, between 8th standard and KG back in his village.
Location: Parel
Home: Near Allahabad, UP

Education: It's all the child's Naseeb. They will study if that's their destiny.

Securitywala (Currently unemployed)

Name: Rajesh Chandrakanth Pabekar
Has 2 children. Elder son in a Marathi medium school. This boy studies in an English medium school
Location: Elphinstone Rd
Home: Kalyan

Education: Made sure he paid a donation and got his younger son into an English medium school even if he can't really afford it.


Name: Arun Joshi
Has 2 children who have completed their schooling
Location: Mahanagarpalika Marg
Home: Kurla

Education: Parents want their children to be educated and try their best to give them a good education. But, distractions are too many for the children of today. Even the mobile phone is a distraction. The next generation is not interested in education.


Monika said...

You really think the next generation is not interested in education? I think these children are interested in, but they will just recognize it a lil bit later...

Btw, I was amazed by the type of iron on 1st pic:)

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

That's his view. I guess because his predictions for his children never came true.

And yes, you are right. But it 's always late by the time we realise the importance of education :(

As for Irons, it's a charcoal fired one. The images in the following link will give you a clearer picture of the charcoal fired iron box:


Monika said...

Thanks for the link!

Nilay said...

Love the istriwala pic. I think I used to pass this guy on my way to Burnett. The securitywala picture is also really nice. Like the tone. Cheers!

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