17 Nov 2011

Vile Parle (E)

भरत, भरत, भरत आणि परत जाधव

Punha Sahi Re Sahi is a hit Marathi play. It stars Bharat Jadhav in 4 roles (Story details here in the Time Out Behind the Scene Special). The set is designed to make the 4 versions of Bharat Jadhav to play with the minds of the viewers. It's a specially erected set with a lots of exits, windows that actors can leap in through.

The Green Room steps on-stage!

The actors also have to change many times during the show. So the set occupies only half the stage, leaving enough area for the actors to move around.

Headline by: Mangesh of bheeshoom. http://bheeshoom.deviantart.com/gallery/


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