16 Dec 2011

Madh Village

SEO Special Executive Officer Snake Lover Animal Catcher.

We Indians worship snakes and try to feed reptiles mammalian milk. But if we see a snakes, the first thing we do is scream, panic and collectively stone them to death. Special Executive Officer Snake Lover Animal Catcher helps to save the lives of these reptiles.

Mumbai has a fairy decent population of snakes. It's 10 million less than the number of mammoth mumbaiya rats but still, a fairly decent number. The best place to find snakes in Mumbai are where we are digging up wild places that border our city to build homes for us. However Madh is not yet a construction zone, but there are enough mangroves and wild places for snakes and the things they eat to survive.

Right now, snakes are being evicted in the largest number in the Trombay area. Near Deonar Depot and Panjrapole towards town where wild areas are bring dug up make roads, for our cars So if you have a snake catching business , that's where you can set up shop.

Maneka Gandhi and gang can also find some work there.

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