31 Dec 2011

MMRDA Grounds. BKC

Anna Army's Clothes.

I'm as confused as you about how the screaming war against corruption is being fought. Even the war against terror is clearer than how this campaign is progressing. Like that war, the war on corruption is a war against yourself but you go around slaying everyone else. In the war against terror, the real enemy is the hatred within you for others that you cannot control and in this war, we are the corrupt. The foot-soldiers infantry-people who enthusiastically jump into the front line are lucky that this is not a war fought with bullets. They will survive and wonder for years about what went wrong they keep giving and collecting bribes.

Haryanvi winter dressing?

This is a language we Mumbaikars understand.

Joker from MP who came looking for TV cameras.

A man dressed as a colonial British red coat

One bag traveller.

What happened here?

Home-made Winter fashion.

I rather be in Goa

United Nations of Anna

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