12 Jan 2012

Dr Shirodkar Road, Parel

Chai Time Snacks

It's not just the chai. It's everything around it that makes it chai time.

This is my regular chai place. BMC vans come regularly and pull down the few sticks that hold it up and take away the stove but it's usually back in a few days and after a little greasing.

One day, the tea that we were served had the smell of coffee. When we asked the assistant the reason, he told us that he had some extra coffee and he didn't want to waste it, so he added it to the simmering tea.

The funny thing was that Chai-coffee combination actually worked.

For those who work high up in the sky.

The people who usually drink chai here are the labourers who are building this really tall skyscraper, the men who ferry the cylinders at the Gas Agency, execs from the 5-star hotel next door and the occasional college students.

And finally, the Account Book. On Credit. It's called after taste

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