3 Jan 2012

Sir P M Road

Remove the purdah for Aastha Banan Atray.

This is how most Mumbai girls get their daily dose of romance on their way to work or college; with the cover and the title covered up. But you can show of this new title from M&B, written by a passionate romantic from the city - the debut novel by the winner of the M&B Passion 2010 winner - Aastha. It also features an Indian cover that you can show the aunties with raised eyebrows.

Aastha's day job is to dig out stories like this one about Mumbai's very own Fight Club and this award winning story about the Hoop Dreams of Nagpada girls. Little did anyone suspect that she was going home and weaving romantic dreams in another window.

You can also read Aastha's stories in the Open Magazine, where she is the Assistant Editor.

You can buy the book from our delivery boys from Bangalore: Flipkart

If you have passionate, romantic stories that you want to publish, you can take part in M&B Passion Contest. Check this out. And you could be the next Aastha.


Curry Spice said...

hey this is awesome.congrats to aastha. the photos are adorable. what a nice story G.
Aastha- I read about how u won the contest in Open Mag. Very cool and good luck.. will definitely get the book.

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Thank you. You can order it in Flipkart

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