25 Feb 2012


Topi lagaya kya?

We in Mumbai do not wear headgear anymore unlike this Milliner who has flown in from Melbourne to visit the Mahalaxmi Race Course on Race Days. He is here as part of a Victoria State Trade team with colourful stories from in and around the Emirates Melbourne Cup to make friends with the rich and powerful in India. He will woo the women and girls of the ones who wear many hats. Mallya perhaps? Australian Milliners, we have many who have perfected the topi pehanao-ing here in India, in style.

But we do have the most interesting headgear here in India, especially Rajasthan and parts of Gujarat. If you can visit the Lad Musuem at Byculla with its superb collection of little dolls or statues of people of Mumbai from over a hundred years back, you will notice that almost everyone wore some form of headgear depending on the community or guild they belonged to.

Here's a trade that still continues the headgear tradition: ear cleaners of South Mumbai.

And yes, the occasional Vasudev you encounter on the streets.

Coming back to hats, the biggest collection of stylish headgear in Mumbai for women will be at the Mahalaxmi racecourse. I'm sure it's going to be better and more colourful this year.


The Solitary Writer said...

Kalina...wait a moment..thats where i live :D nice post buddy...i have never come across such person here ..weird

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

This was at the Hyatt :)

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