29 Mar 2012

Mahakali Caves Rd

Living Lite

Inside Gyan Ashram in Andheri East, there are distinct Indian methods and nomenclatures as opposed to the western methods of the larger, more visible churches and the new American Churches and prayer halls. It's still a bit tame because things take on a very colourful and chaotic tone out there on the streets. Virgin Mary wears glittering sarees and is not very different from the regular Gaon Devis and Mari-amma and is popular across the poorer parts of most Deccan cities with overflowing pediatrician and gynecological clinics. The prayers and things asked in Haji Ali are no different from what's asked in a roadside Sai Baba temple or tiny chapel. (Related Post: Plague Mariamma Temple)

Once you climb up the social ladder, it seems that our needs from religion change. Your gods and practices are more abstract, more to do with prosperity, aspirations and luck, across all religions. (Related Post: Shani Temple with Astroligical signs) Or that is what it seems from the distribution of temples and shrines across Mumbai.

Living, religion, language and even caste takes on a lite format for most Mumbaikars and Deccan, across all sections, and religion. But it's the people who take all of these too seriously who gets heard. Maybe there's something manly and powerful about it and the rest are considered weak?

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