20 Apr 2012

P B Marg

The Social Network for Salsa Dancers 

In the current issue of Time Out, Ben Leahy lists Mumbai's funkiest dance spots (See the list). Among them is a place called Shiro and here are a few images from there. I was there for the Salsa night on a Wednesday evening for the people there, and night for me.

The dance floor seemed to be more like a meeting place for a loose network of friends who love Salsa. There were the experts, the teachers, the beginners and several boyfriends of girls who love to Salsa and the men had no option but to try to dance. They all seem to know each other and meet often, just to dance. There were many who didn't belong to the circle of friends but as the night progressed, everybody seemed to have become friends, learning from each other, and pulling even the two left-feet retard like me who was hiding behind a camera.

The Music.

If you can't dance, one good reason to hang around this place is the music that is played. The sounds and rhythm of Salsa are a hundred times better than the stuff that is usually played in our city's nightspots who play the music of 2010s which is so dull and monotonous that it makes one scream out for some age defining revolution to happen.

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Alberto Rojas said...

Playlist in Spanish... Salsa! Well, if I'll need to live in Mumbai, now I know how to earn money... dancing Salsa! ;)

Dilshad said...

Nice pictures, they capture the motion and Latino energy :)

Gopal M S said...

Alberto and run away with the girls!

Cheap Flights to Mumbai said...

I can't wait to start something up myself that is actually about giving unsigned bands the exposure they deserve, especially when they travel so far to play the smallest gig they've ever played in their lives.

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