29 May 2012

Palm Beach Road

The books that will never be read.

These books decorate a furniture store on Palm Beach Road. The shelves come and go depending on the season and sales but the books remain. They are mostly second hand books. Some are from BCL, the rest are from second hand book stores. Those books that are put in carton in Canada and USA and shipped to India by the pounds and kilos to be sold in second-hand book stores, some with names of the original owners.

But the thing with books on any shelf is that you can't help look at what the titles are. So here they are...

Given the space one has in a typical Mumbai home, it's a better idea to have an e-book reader or a pad that stores all your books. But maybe it's not an Indian thing to do because, we don't see our books as something for individual consumption. We like to share them and sometimes show them off to others at home or with friends and the highly individualistic e-book readers seem a little too cold.

Note: Yes, it's easier to share to e-books than regular book. Maybe in a few years, e-book readers will become popular and we won't have these shelves.

See a few other bookshelves of Mumbai here.


Anonymous said...

nice photos. except you must know that e-books are far easier to share actually.

Gopal M S said...

No, I didn't know they were easier to share. Except the free ones.

Frog Fairy said...

I love the post. It almost asks one to read the books. And I hate the idea of books; lack of space or otherwise.

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