19 Jun 2012

Eastern Freeway

Not a Flyover, Highway, Express Highway, or Expressway.
Make way for the Eastern Freeway. 

How do we make out new flyovers sound more "awesome" than just flyovers. Autobahn, autopista, autoroute, autostrada, snelweg, freeway, motorway,or expressways?

We call our latest Car-Jan-Path a Freeway. The Eastern Freeway.

Technically, Freeways are access-controlled highways like the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and the soon to be commissioned Eastern Freeway that will link that distant suburb in the southern tip called Town with the Eastern Express Highway near Ghatkopar. I don't think there will be a toll for using this Freeway that also includes a tunnel through the BARC hills and give us a panoramic view of the "New Cuffe Parade", Port and the eastern shore of the Island. But if they do, I'm sure there will be a race between MNS and Shiv Sena to break down the toll booths and make it a freeway for all of us car owners.

These images are from the clearings in the Panjrapol stretch that were done to make way for our Eastern Freeway.


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