22 Jun 2012

Monsters in my new newspaper.

ACP Dhoble.

Women Chief Ministers in India are the butt of many jokes.

Every morning, the newspaper brings in important news that seems to written to scare the living daylight out people who rarely step out of their homes. If these people do leave their comfort zone, it’s only to the familiar corners and the last time they went to a new place was when Big Bazaar was weighing old newspapers and handing out discounts. 

When an aunty, concerned mother or a retired uncle begins a sentence with the words, “Did you .. see... in today’s newspaper?”, every single person who has stepped out of the home immediately switch off one of their ears because they will be assaulted by exaggerated details of the latest chain snatching, murder, water leak, or stone throwing mob. The trains are full of pickpockets. Women can’t walk alone on the roads after 6pm. You should never ever eat anything from outside the home, etc. 

 Beware there are monsters out there and you can find them in your newspaper.


debanish achom said...

nice post. the asian age used to have a 'good news page'. i don't know if the page is continuing since i have not read that paper for a long while.

Gopal M S said...

Good news page. Must look it up!

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