20 Aug 2012

Din Quarry Road

Bobby Bike.

I saw Sonu Bhai revving up his 173cc Rajdoot, popularly known as Bobby bike (After the Raj Kapoor movie) on my way back to work and asked if I could click a photograph of him. He agreed.

This bike has a UP registration and Sonu Bhai got it from there about 10 years back from there. Apparently, this Bobby has a filmi history too. It is the same bike used by Vinod Khanna in a movie called Parvarish!

You meet the strangest people on Mumbai streets and Sonu Bhai turned out to be the guy who supplies vintage cars for Bollywood films and this is one of his prized possessions.One of these days, I plan to go and check out his garage.



virendra said...
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virendra said...

movie name is parvarish not parichay.

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