14 Aug 2012

Nare Park + Kamgar Nagar + Grant Road

Work Space Mumbai: Door Delivery.

Street photographers are never alone on the streets of Mumbai. These are some of the people who give company even in upmarket, leafy places that have gates that do not  allow undesirables like us into buildings. From hot breads to the latest fashion for the masses, there's calls and cry for our clicks to punctuate.

The street dogs are our other constant companions. They usually leave street photographers and most of the vendors in the photographs shown above. They only bark, trail and snap at people who threaten their food supply, which is usually the people who empty their favourite uncleared garbage bins and rag pickers who pick up more than rags.

Observation: If you want to reduce the number of dogs on the street, the only way is to improve the garbage collection system and make sure that the dogs (and crows) do not have door delivery.


Nimmy said...

"Undesirables like us", colours, noises, spices and more are the ones that keep the other side working, the one behind those gates. :)

'Lau' the post.

Anonymous said...

Now I feel a bit hungry. At least you didn't show an Irani restaurant.

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