17 Aug 2012

Thurbe + Vashi + Goregaon + BKC

Car Culture

The most sensitive part of a Mumbaikar's body is now, his or her car. It took the party with the steam engine symbol to represent its commuting vote bank to realise this and cash in on it. The ruling parties will claim that the MNS just wants a share of the collection to fund the next election.

If you live in the chaotic cities on the mainland around Mumbai, you couldn't have missed the picketing of the toll booths that greet people to Mumbai. They want to put an end to the collection of tolls.

This is a photo of an MNS candidate in the first Assembly election it contested some years back, at the Goregaon railway station.

The campaigns of the political parties are much more interesting to follow than the advertising campaigns we have these days. From thrashing people in lungis, to taxi drivers. Painting name boards black to smashing toll booths, they are very high impact.

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