31 Aug 2012


A Taste of Home: Assam.

The Assam Bhavan, opposite the Centre One Mall in Vashi is where you have to go to get a taste of Assam. They have a canteen where you can get Assamese Thali meals.

The Assam Bhavan, run by the Assam Government is the temporary home for thousands of people from the state who come to Mumbai for treatment in our hospitals. Most of them are cancer patients and their families. Those of you who live in Navi Mumbai would have seen the bus that ferries them to hospitals in the Island city daily.

And there's this statue of a legendary hero of Assam. I think it is the statue of Chaolung Sukaphaa of Ahom. Who incidentally is of Shaan origin (from Upper Burma) and unified all the tribes of the Assam region. Maybe it's time modern Assam got someone who can get them all together, and without using a sword.

See the full series in Mumbai Boss: A Taste Of Home.


Harsha said...

I look forward to that 20,000-page photobook on Mumbai, Gopal :)

Slogan Murugan said...

:) Harsha. I will get you to edit it and save some trees!

fundooals said...

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