28 Dec 2012

Matunga CR + Chembur

Angry eyes

I want to Dishoom Dishoom Chota Bheem.

If you have a child at home or in your extended family, you will know who Chota Bheem is. He's supposed to be the super smart kid who lives in a place called Dholakpur which seems to be ruled by one of the Kings who ruled India before we became a republic. If you try to figure out what the day and age it is set in, it's a little confusing because the King hoists the tricolour of the Indian Union on the two days India discovers patriotism every year.

At the same time, European adventurers in rickety airplanes sometimes crash land in the forest surrounding the kingdom of Dholakpur which are populated by what Indian think Africans tribals look like. When Chota Bhim and his friends help them and send them back, they go in ships that are wind powered.

That's OK, it's only an Indian made animated series and quality is chalta hain like everything else in India. But the biggest learning for the children from Chota Bheem is that the smart, intelligent boy, that he claims to be, solves all his problem punching people dishoom dishoom.  

And yes, he is popular, I keep seeing his imagery popping up everywhere. from T-shirts to the things shown above.

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