10 Dec 2012


On Assignment:
And justice for all. 

Mhapkar's story.

Riot after riot it is the same story and in last weekend's Mint Lounge, Supriya Nair listens to two people who look back at the 20 years after the worst riots Mumbai has seen.

 Read Mhapkar's(photo above)  story in  'And justice for all' here. 

Suggested reading:
An old book called Riot After Riot, written by MJ Akbar. It will serve as a handbook on how to feel the pulse if a place is slowly spiralling towards a riot like situation. He goes from town to town that have been hit by riots in to 70s and 80s. Hindu Vs Muslims, Dominant caste Vs Lower caste, etc. and try to find out what Indian love to kill Indians.

 If you want to know what it feels like in real time, follow the news from Hyderabad these days.

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