25 Mar 2013

Sector 5, Kharghar

Mumba Devi and Associates: Onion domed church.

The board leading to the Kremlin or Arabian nights style church says that it's the St Mary's Malankara Church. But I didn't need a board to tell me that it belonged to the people from Malankara or the Hilly Coast (not as hilly as our Konkan if you ask me) as Kerala is also called.

If you had visited Kerala is the 80s, during the Gulf boom, you would have seen the rise of many exotic looking churches. From space age to classical. Bizarre to unbelievable. It was a phase that didn't last long and now they build churches that don't scream as they used to.

But a church that's straight out of 80s Kerala and in today's Kharghar?

Only in Mumbai.\

I got this message on twitter from

Jinu Kurien
@mumbaipaused I know for a fact that this church was inspired by Kremlin or to be more precise the Russian Orthodox Church.

Also, in Navi Mumbai, places of worships are sometimes clustered  together. You will see a temple, mosque, gurudwara next to each other. For example, the building to the right of the church is a temple dedicated to Makalakshmi. Behind it is the Jagganath temple.

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