5 Sep 2013

Mankhurd-Ghatkopar Road

Renuka Carrying Renuka. 

Her name is Renuka and she is carrying the goddess Renuka or Yellamma up there, reflecting the sun on to my camera. Today is the New Moon, the flesh and blood Renuka told me, like as if we who work in glass cubicles with no access to the phases of the moon should know about it. Today is the new moon and I'm going for the Jogwa or awakening (or is it asking for offerings?) dressed in finery like Renuka always is.

If you search for Renuka, Yellamma, Jogwa, the worship, the people who worship, the temples, the jatras, the fairs, the customs, the dance and the songs, you can surf into a parallel world of sadness, colours, music, madness and incredible India. Dig a little deeper and cast the internet a little wider and you will learn about the Jogateera of North Karnataka (see their song and dance here).

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