9 Sep 2015

Deonar Abattoir

Deonar Abattoir.
Part 1.

Bakrid is round the corner and it is time for the biggest annual goat market to sprout in and around the abattoir at Deonar in North Eastern Mumbai.

Hundred of trucks will come to Mumbai from all over Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and even as far away as Jammu and Kashmir.

Right now, the abattoir grounds are being prepared to welcome the trucks, truckers, shepherds and traders. People seeking to buy goats for the annual sacrifice during Bakrid will also throng the market.

Temporary  sheds being prepared

In a few days, this places will be filled with trucks, traders, shepherds from all over this part of India. 

Many people also rear goats at home or in their shops all over Mumbai. The big and interesting ones will be sold for high prices and the best place to get them is here at Deonar.

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