21 Oct 2015

Acharya Donde Marg

Ram Leela at Prabhodhankar Thakeray Grounds in Shivdi.

The local association of people from Uttar Bharat or North India has this fun event every year. The community and their friends  come together to enact one of the most important stories that define the rich and beautiful region in Uttar Pradesh - Ramayana.

These are some pictures from the green room as they prepare for the evening's performance.

The different acts of the play and listed and revised according to the actors available and displayed prominently for the different actors to be enter the stage.

Meanwhile the stage is being prepared. The size or rather the depth of the stage in narrow and the most important thing are the microphones into which the actors will speak.

Everybody lends a hand to get things in place.

The front row is a being readied for the viewers by the children who play in the ground that is in the densely populated end of Shoivdi opposite the bus depot.

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