4 Apr 2016

Andheri-Kurla Road

The Marol (JB Nagar) Dry Fish Market.

Dry heat, eye fry, blistering hot Saturday afternoon at the Marol (JBNagar) Dry fish market. Saturday is also the day we have a large flea market along the pipeline and pipeline road next to this large market but pictures of that in another post. But first, enjoy the beautiful art of arranging dry fish.

You can reach the place by getting off at Chakala Metro Station (2 mins walk).

Meet the local gunda of the Dry fish market.

The sheds are marked according to the fishing villages/jetty that bring their produce here. Manori, Madh, etc.

Couldn't help noticing the sun-dried skin of the dry fishing seller. They were all women.

I bought a few dried anchovies. I even got advice on how to fry it well from this lady.
The recipe she gave me was exactly the same as this one from Kerala minus the curry leaves.

It's not just dry fish that you get there. There is a flourishing market for second and first hand clothes in one corner of the market on Saturday.

And like all markets in India, this one had high energy food because buying and selling is a tiring business and one needs energy.

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