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Jun 11, 2014

Vashi Bridge

The sea has the colour of a mini pralaya today.
The sea, mud, sudden bursts of wind, the salt in the air and lips,
the suddenly absent smell of fish,
air you can put like a piece of calicut halwa.

The hot sun watching silently, immune to what its rays can do.
This year's monsoon currents have arrived.
Lashing against concrete.
Dissolving the ground beneath our feet elsewhere.
Have you bought your talpatri? Umrellas? Raincoats?

Above us, the sky is a different blue.
The clouds in shapes and colours we are not waiting for. 
When will the wall of dark monsoon clouds roll in?


Mar 18, 2014

Palm Beach Road

Villages of Mumbai: Saarsole, Navi Mumbai. 

Dwarfed by the high rises of Palm Beach road, the Saarsole Fishing Village, Navi Mumbai. 

Jan 23, 2014

Bombay Port Trust Road

Playgrounds of Mumbai: Cricket in the time of low tide in the mangroves.

The young men who play cricket here come all the way from Chembur and mostly from Antop Hill and Wadala come on bikes to play cricket here. Close to the city but from it.  As usual, there are many pitches, several balls, shouts and screams. This is how we play cricket, like in a mela maidan. 

Jan 14, 2014

Carter Road

Work Space Mumbai: The Other Dhobhi Ghats.

There is a completely different economy that goes on beyond the chamak of Carter road. And there must be many other things that we miss.

Jan 10, 2014

Vashi Bridge

Work Space Mumbai: Tubes of our Thane creek fishermen. 

Those of you who regularly cross the Vashi Bridge to the mainland would have noticed the men bobbing up and down the gentle waves of the creek with a string in their hands. Here's a close up of the tube in which they flat as they fish everyday resting on the mangrove trees.

Nov 12, 2013

Palm Beach

Urban Birds. 

There are people who give fried food (farsan) to crows every morning on Palm Beach road.

Aug 26, 2013

Western Express Highway

Maximum Decibels. Maximum City.

If you go to desolate places in Mumbai, desolate by Mumbai standards that is, you will hear the rumbling echoes of drums. These are the drummers of Mumbai preparing for the upcoming festivals.

In you look closely at the boys on the pipelines, there are kids playing drums on branch pipeline that goes towards Mahim

Mar 26, 2012

Bhandup (E)

Mumbai Mangroves Tour.
In the current issue of Time Out Mumbai, Mithila Phadke tells us about Vanashakti's tour.

There are about 4 jackals left in the mangroves east of Bhandup.
We can see how the tides flush and clean our crap.
See how the tides can be controlled to make space for our homes.
See a lots of birds.
Etc. etc.

Our shit with extra nutrients.

A small shrine inside the mangroves.

Vanashakti Website.

Feb 23, 2012

Bhandup (E)

Counting Burds. Not Crows.

Bird lovers from the Mumbai are counting the bird species in the their backyard these days. They have been divided into groups and regions are will take stock of how many species are left for us to kill.

It's called HSBC Bird Race 2012 It's on 26th Feb. All over Mumbai.

Read a report report on one such group from Dombivli in Mumbai Mirror.

These images are from the nameless lake behind the giant sewage treatment plant near Bhandup Pumping Station. It's off EE Highway. Right now, you will find a lot of adolescent Flamingos, Spoonbills and many other species.

If you love birds, You probably go and try to get invisible here. It's worth it!

Our best friends, the stray dogs come here to hunt. Some men come here too, and I guess it's to wash their bums after soiling the place.

This is mangrove territory. Once upon a time, the wild forest stretched from the Creek all the way to what is now Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Unique because it stretched from the sea to the hills.

Today you can see the same only in one place in this part of the world. Across the waterbody from Ghodbunder Road in Thane.

We will soon find ways to kill that too. Maybe a nice plan called Nehru or Rajiv National Urban Home Scheme or some such vote garnering trick. Or maybe something called Tata Nano Homes.

But don't worry. What exists is protected by this concrete lump with the names of some old forgotten Ministers and Babus.

And thank you Mumbaikars. Our shit provides all the necessary nutrients required for the health of our mangroves.

Jan 3, 2010

Off Sion-Panvel Highway, Vashi Gaon

Mumbai Mangrove.

This city is blessed. We, the people who have a life that's comparable to the saline filled world of sardine cans have two protected forests within the city limits: The National Park in Borivli East and the mangrove 'forests' that line our Khaadi or Creeks.

The National Park is the city's lungs and rain water harvesting system and the Mangroves are the kidneys. It cleans up a large quantity of muck that we flush out of our system.

These pictures are from near the small fishing harbour in Vashi Gaon. A harbour that survives thanks to the mangrove forests that line the creek. It is only because of the mangrove forests that have not made way for tony Palm Beach Roads and Hafiz Contractor monstroCities that there are things left to fish in this sliver of Arabian Sea that juts inland, east of Mumbai Islands towards Thane.

We and our government are doing a very good job, trying to destroy it.

Maharashtra has 118 sq kms of mangroves lining its coast.
WB has approx 2000.
Kerala used to have 1000sq kms + and almost nothing now.
Thousands of villages were saved during the Orissa super cyclone and the great 26th Dec. Tsunami thanks to surviving mangroves on the east coast.

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