13 Jan 2019

Ram Mandir

On the east side of Ram Mandir station are the tracks where cement and other construction materials for the growing city lands from freight trains. The warehousing arm on the railways takes care of that side of the business. It is the Reay Road/Cotton Green equivalent of the Western Railway or the Krishnarajapuram of Bangalore. Here are a few images from there.

The people who work here mostly load and unload sacks and other goods from the trains. It's life on the edge of the iron river that bring the building blocks of a concrete city

This is where they drink our national drink - tea.

The workers 

This is where they live.



Slowly yet steadily our railway station book shops and newspaper stands are being replaced with junk food shops. While books seemed to have stopped moving a long time back from the local train platforms, newspapers and magazine were the bread and butter. And now smart phones are completely killing the reading from a book habit.

One can argue that people are probably reading more than ever on their flickering screens and why read when the same story can be said using other ways with new technology. Technology that are training us to become visual story tellers and in the vertical format. Maybe audio, doodles, animations, making and editing visual stories is the way forward.

While people like me show concern for printed books, we are also the people who are also making digital books (Footpath Bookshop makes digital photobooks), make videos, listen to podcasts and make them, etc. We do it to make it easy got people to get what we create.

Goregaon Station

Nomads in the city.

The Tamil speaking nomadic group that goes around the city and from city to city digging trenches that will be used for laying cables.

BEST Nagar

Ram Mandir

Annual New Year poster by the Hindu Jagaran Samithi, a caste supremacist RW group related to Sanathan Sanstha who accused in the killing of rationalists. This is outside the Ram Mandir that gives the name to the station on the western line.

Ram Mandir Road

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