25 Mar 2015

Mini Seashore Vashi

This Gudi pdwa, on March 21st we saw super tides in France and Northern Europe. Mumbai also saw one of the highest tides of the year. It touched 4.84mts at 12.43 on that day. These images were shot around that time.

20 Mar 2015

Mithi River

 Mumbai Paused Friday Release 06

Featuring illustrations by Amol Urankar

8 Lives Left

18 Mar 2015

Khar Danda

Dandeshwar Temple in Danda Village, Khar.

The abode of Saraswati. 

This temple is an isle of calm in the middle of maximum city with a deafening roar. A place for the young in the vicinity to shut out the city and concentrate on their studies just before important exams.

Is this Mumbai or some distant, prosperous village in a forgotten corner in Ratnagiri district? Guhagar maybe? 

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