20 Jul 2017


The Goddesses of Kamathipura, 

During the Pochamma Panduga and Ashada Jatra, another important symbol of the festival is neem leaves. Also a symbol of the Goddess, they decorated the many streets of Kamathipura.


This group takes out a procession on the streets of Kamathipura during Ashada Jatre / Pochamma Panduga. There are several street shrines as well as temples and they offer their prayers. They also have a couple of them who whip themselves and inflict pain.

Interestingly, they do not enter the main temples but stop and pray before them. However, they offer prayers at every street shrine that are decorated for the festival.

Shankar Rao Pupala Marg

MithaBol - A linguistic map of Mumbai:


Bonalu or Pochamma Panduga as it is called in Mumbai is a major festival and a reason for a community of Telugu speaking people from Telengana with a long history in the city to come together. The Pochamma Devi temple in Kamathipura is the oldest and most important temple for the community in Mumbai. During the Pochamma Devi Panduga or festival, hundreds congregation from all over the greater Mumbai region to offer roosters (hens) to the Goddess.

Also, a lot of young parents with infants were seen, seeking blessings. After all Pochamma is associated with health and keeping her happy with keep diseases away.

Here are a few pictures.

One of the priests of the temple, taking a break.

The temple.

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