21 Mar 2018

20 Mar 2018

Walchand Hirachand Marg

Aam Artist Gallery. 

The art of the working class people.

Kopri Gaon

Catch of the season:

Big and small fresh water fish from the East Coast farms that come to this corner of Navi Mumbai, supplying affordable protein to the working-class of Kopri Gaon. Like the different types of sea fish, each fresh fish have their own specific natural taste and its fans.

They are landed in Dadar Market with its large fish market. The fishmonger goes and gets them from Dadar.

The live fish in the image below is from the Panvel region and the many reservoir close to there. 

19 Mar 2018


Sam Kulavoor's A Man of the Crowd
at TARQ Gallery.

He has people in the city caught mid action across time and place put together in one place, a large plaza. We are familiar with images of large plazas in cities of Europe, Vatican?

But it left me wondering, are there places like this in Mumbai.

The only large rectangular space I can recollect is in front of Vashi station and another in CBD Belapur.

Kulavoor reminded me of the work of a Simon Roberts, a British photographer who has a good collection of photographs of people in his country that is looking inwards and into the past - white Britain. he in turn was impressed by classic paintings from Northern Europe that see the world from this distance and height.  Check out his Urban Parks (opens in new window), We English.

What struck me in Kulavoor's painting is the colour of the skin of the people; brown.

This is our colour. Our people.


MG Road + Vashi

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