7 Oct 2018

Vashi + Wadala + Goregaon

Aam Artist Gallery: Mahatma with a broom.

The Mahatma on his 150th birth anniversary is reduced to a man carrying a broom by his very own. It feels like a whitewashing of everything else he stood for, especially non violence. The only reason for this seems to be the only part of the 4 year old Modi Sarkar which seems to have some positive effect especially in the days what seems to be a slow motion economic crisis and job less growth.

A poster from Wadala station (last pic) offers a clue about where the imagery of Mahatma with a broom that we see around us has been taken from. It is from an RK Laxman cartoon.

Palm Beach Road

Navi Mumbai structures in one pic.

Hanuman Tekdi

Plastic People And Our Universe.

Fibre glass tiger outside a fibre glass manufacturing worshop in Goregaon East

Palm Beach Road

Manual cleaning of sewage drains through manholes.

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