20 Jan 2019

Hanuman Thekdi

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Stonehenge of Gorgaon. To track the northern travel of the Sun during Uttarayan I think. 

Madh Island

Playgrounds of Mumbai: The School of Fish

According to an old proverb, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

While exploring Madh Village fish landing jetty, we encountered this group of boys led by a slightly elder one exploring the beach, rocks and collecting crabs with heads bent low.

This is how knowledge is passed down from one generation to generation. The way the ocean around Mumbai is being depleted of its natural life, wonder if learning to fish will help these kids through their long time line. How many of these boys will grow on to follow the profession of their forefathers into fishing and how many will find some other profession? For now, they are learning, the fun way.

Meanwhile in Mumbai, you can learn about our intertidal zone by taking a walk with a group called Marine Life of Mumbai. Follow them here.

Images from the school:

 The little master and his probe:

The classroom:

 The students:

After the class, the students went exploring on their own:

Full marks:



Single Screen Theatres of Mumbai: Navrang, Andheri 

Harbour Line

Reading in the city:
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