Talaash! Which part of Mumbai do you want to see?


Acharya Donde Marg

What is a shrine
but just you and me
connecting through
stones, water, empty space,
songs, silence

Dr SS Rao

Saffron Tide (Hindutva Imagery from the streets of Mumbai)

Versova Village

Versova Village

Dwarapalakas: Welcome signs to homes. This is in the fishiong village of Versova or Vesave.

Madh Village

Noah's Ark - Bombay Size. 

Madh Village

If you need to know how bad the plastic problem is, all you have to do is look at our seashore. These are the tiny shrimps (Jawala - think it is called by the Kolis) that are dried on the rocks around the village of Madh. They are peppered with plastic large, small and invisible too I guess.

Scare crows and stones

They have to be constantly turned, like when you fry food, as they are laid out to dry.

Madh Village

A good boy Jackie

Ambu Bet

Photo Books by Mumbai Paused

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