Talaash! Which part of Mumbai do you want to see?

Sagar Vihar


Vihar Lake


Vihar Lake/Dam 



Count the masks are Mumbai clocks over 2000 new COVID19 infections daily. 


Palm Valley where Mithi River exits from the Vihar Lake inside SGNP



It's surprising that we continue to use firewood to cremate people when we have electric crematoriums. 

Palm Beach Road


Plasctic People and Our Universe : Lockdown

Aarey Road


Prakash Bhoir

Aam Artist Gallery + Aarey Activist Prakash Bhoir

Saki Vihar Road


#KYC #KnowYourCaste (Tracking upper-caste privilege on the streets of Mumbai)

For BJP affiliated caste supremacist vigilantes it is ok to openly call for the end of the Indian Union as agreed upon by Indians in our constitution. If any other community (whom they see as lower than them in their caste/class hierarchy) were to say something like this, they would be harassed and 'slapped' with sedition.
On the other hand, this is territorial pissing that communities use in almost all Indian cities. Groups put up boards, flags, statues, shrines, etc., to build invisible walls. If you have read Leila by Prayag Akbar, you can see how these walls can be imagined as something bigger.

Saki Vihar Road


Company Bus Transport in 2020 outside L&T 

Photo Books by Mumbai Paused

Digital photo books with stories from the streets of Mumbai are now available at Footpath Bookshop

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