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Oxygen cylinders at the COVID19 Jumbo Centre at CIDCO Navi Mumbai Exhibition Centre. 

Vashi Gaon


After and before the pest attack

Vashi Gaon


The pest attack on the mangroves in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.



Walk Economy 

The fish sellers used to rely in the trains to bring their fish from South Mumbai to various parts of Mumbai. Now, they use hired taxis. 



The pest attack on the mangrove forests in Mumbai has reached Vashi in Navi Mumbai. 

Badri Chatterjee of Hindustan Times has an in-depth report

The dragondflies hovering above the mangroves have moved on to other green places. Because of the rain, there is no shortage of wet, green places right now in Navi Mumbai. 

Vashi Sector 17


Approximately 97K New Coronavirus Cases a Day in India these days. 



Dragonfly season continues in Mumbai. 

Vashi Gaon


Mumbai On A Leash - Window and Balcony Delivery



Work Space Mumbai 

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