21 Aug 2009

Flora Fountain/Hutatma Chowk

Street Cricket Mumbai Style: Team India.

It was only when I had spent a few moments clicking and fielding for them that I realised that none of us knew each other before.

The batsman was a young man from Trivandrum. He was here for an interview with ONGC. He's on his way to become a firefighter on an offshore oil rig. Like most Keralites in the city, his first introduction to the city is in one of the cramped, shared lodges near CST/VT.

One of the fielders (last picture) was a student and lives in the area and also does odd jobs. His education is sponsored by an NGO from Bangalore that provides education to needy chidren. He associated my town, Bangalore with that NGO.

The bowler shown here and the fielders were boys from the Konkan, UP and Bihar. They work in the local roadside shops and the lazy Sunday morning provided them a short break before they start working again.

And like I said, I'm from Bangalore, looking for a few pictures to click before I headed back home in a few hours.


ramani said...

wonderful pictures,especially the one of the bowler. thanks!

Flaneurbanite said...

Love the first pic! Perfect timing.

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