29 Oct 2009

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan Road

The statue of R K Laxman's Common Man.


dynamic-dormant said...

I was in Mumbai for past five years, but never heared of this road.
And kudos to your photography!!
Very nice blog.

radha said...

I have seen the common man at Symbiosis College, Pune. Nice pictures. I wish road side sculptures were more common. It adds so much character to the area.

Flaneurbanite said...

I didn't know they had a road called that in Mumbai too (that's a famous road in Karol Bagh in Delhi).

K?K! said...

if you try walking along worli seaface by night, you are likely to see barn owls in hovering about there... quite a sight for a city like mumbai

Anshuman said...

lovely pictures! like person above me said - sculptures add so much character to the area!

Are you in mumbai? I was wondering if you could show me more of your photography to me

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