21 Oct 2009

Sane Guruji Marg (Arthur Road)

I didn't contest the recent Vidhan Sabha election but I was invited to join the government at a local train station on the Western Line this morning.

A young man in his twenties on his way to work gave me a warm smile and asked me if I have 15 minutes to spare just as the local I was waiting to catch was rolling in from the South. As I quickly scanned to see if the train was overflowing with people, he started off with a broad smile, "I welcome you to join the God's Government". But trains have the habit of moving at a faster pace than it appears to the human eye (as many deceased track crossers could have testified). The crowded train was in even before he completed the rest of the sentence and robbed me of the pleasure to observe his idea pitch. God's Government. That's an interesting opening line especially when the election fever is high. I would have surely told him about that line carved under the dome of the Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore that says: Government's work is God's Work.


magiceye said...

maybe he wanted to prove how our government works in mysterious ways just like god!

SloganMurugan said...

hahahaha. I have to agree with you.

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