1 Oct 2009

Sector 10, Vashi

Mumbaikars love to dance on the street. And there are enough excuses on the calendar to invite the high decibel, adrenaline injecting drummers from Marathwada region. These Shivamanis come from towns and localities from Nashik to Kolhapur. This region is home to hundreds of bands who make a decent living, giving Mumbaikars their regular dose of heart thumping music.

This band is from Rajgurunagar - Pune, as advertised on their t-shirts.

The influence of these bands spill over the border into what is called the Bombay-Karnatak region of Karnataka. Bands from Belgaum, Hubli and Haveri who play the same style of music are in great demand in Karntaka too.


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Lakshmi said...

Loved the second picture..mumbai seems to have more action

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