26 Oct 2009

Western Express Highway, Bandra (E)

Bad Breath.


radha said...

That's funny.

But on a serious note, see the beautiful background, and this ugly thing which seems to serve no purpose!

Thanks for dropping by.

Bhagwad Jal Park said...


On the other hand, if the river is polluted, the compliment each other nicely!

Mumbai Paused said...

In the background is the highly polluted Mithi river/drain that empties into the sea in Bandra/Mahim.

kavita said...

It is symbolic...we don't leave any chance to dump our garbage be chemical or organic wherever we get a chance to do....no gratitude shown or felt for the mother nature as well as the system.Very intelligent and brilliant,thought provoking shot.

Flaneurbanite said...

Haha! Nice one!

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