24 Nov 2009


There are a number of bands that operate out of Pydhonie, in South Mumbai. Some of them have been performing at weddings and functions from as far back as 1840! Each of these bands have their speciality and perform for specific communities like Muslim, Punjabi, and Gujarati. These bands play more than just music. They rent out horse drawn carriages, decorations and in the case shown above, mythological style clothes for Gujarati families celebrating a family event with a procession from their home to the hall where the event is being held.


Lakshmi said...

Oh yes, ive seen them..very colorful indeed..didnt know the name of the area

Flaneurbanite said...

Haha! Local quirkiness. Brilliantly captured :)

jyothy karat said...

lovely short!!! loved it!

Mumbai Paused said...

Thank you!

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