15 Dec 2009

Dana Paani Beach, Malad (W)

Washed up. The skeleton of an old Ganesh or Kali idol.

Work space Mumbai: Baywatch.

The ocean has the habit of throwing back on the beach, most of the garbage we dump. The BMC has an army of people and spends crores to comb the beach and clear our dirt. Here are two of them who do the dirty job at Dana Paani Beach, south of Aksa.


wineye said...

Lovely Shot !!

I think it must of the kali sitting on the beast.. te tail is pretty prominent.

n yeah.. it looks a dart slimmer too ;)

Pooja Mahimkar said...

wow.. awesome snaps.

Somebody Else said...

Awesome shot Gopal!

K?K! said...

the colours have come out wonderful.. the shot with the ladies

Sambit said...

The first two photos are probably of a DUrga or Parvati idol.
Its a lion.
Great. Great. Blog.
Love it.

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