27 Jan 2010

Colaba Causeway (Shahid Bhagat Singh Road)

Work Space Mumbai Series.

Name: Salman
Originally from near Lucknow, UP.
Works as a cook in a restaurant near Colaba market.

Proud possession: His colourful china mobile.

See the full Work Space series here.


Iniyaazh - இனியாழ் said...

Hey, It has been quite a while since I actively checked blogs. This is an interesting series you have here. The first and second pictures seem to be telling a story by their own.

SloganMurugan said...

Welcome back. Thank you!

Abhijit said...

the first one is lovely! :-)

SUR NOTES said...

The first one is fantastic!

Nisha said...

I too liked the first one ! :-)

bythewindowsill said...

yes, the first one is a perfect portrait. :-)

Debby said...

The first one is excellent. He must be really proud of his cellphone :-)

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