3 Jan 2010

Off Sion-Panvel Highway, Vashi Gaon

Mumbai Mangrove.

This city is blessed. We, the people who have a life that's comparable to the saline filled world of sardine cans have two protected forests within the city limits: The National Park in Borivli East and the mangrove 'forests' that line our Khaadi or Creeks.

The National Park is the city's lungs and rain water harvesting system and the Mangroves are the kidneys. It cleans up a large quantity of muck that we flush out of our system.

These pictures are from near the small fishing harbour in Vashi Gaon. A harbour that survives thanks to the mangrove forests that line the creek. It is only because of the mangrove forests that have not made way for tony Palm Beach Roads and Hafiz Contractor monstroCities that there are things left to fish in this sliver of Arabian Sea that juts inland, east of Mumbai Islands towards Thane.

We and our government are doing a very good job, trying to destroy it.

Maharashtra has 118 sq kms of mangroves lining its coast.
WB has approx 2000.
Kerala used to have 1000sq kms + and almost nothing now.
Thousands of villages were saved during the Orissa super cyclone and the great 26th Dec. Tsunami thanks to surviving mangroves on the east coast.

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