25 Jan 2010

Off Sion - Panvel Highway, Vashi Gaon

Will there be enough catch to fill this new boat?

Unlikely. If you have been reading Mumbai newspapers in the last two weeks, you would have noticed a few stories about the reasons for the high cost of fish in the city. The fishermen were complaining that the sea around Mumbai is almost a watery desert thanks to over fishing and pollution.

Also see the Tehelka photostory by Anshika Varma with the facts and figures on the subject, but about the crisis in the fish processing industry.


bythewindowsill said...

thanks for the tehelka link.
I hope they ban trawlers sometime before all marine life goes extinct.
35-40 dead olive ridleys every season in madras.

Abhijit Dharmadhikari said...

nice images...especially the first one!

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