1 Jan 2010

Off SV Road, Bandra (W)

Sutta Break.

Workspace Mumbai Series


Paul Nixon said...

Wonder what they do for a living ;)

Happy New Year to you and the family, Gopal.

Mumbai Paused said...

Inhale tar!

Marijke said...

wonderful pics.
why do they keep the scooter???he is attached lol?
who will steal that??
well i like the left guy his face
its like

hehehe im here im the model/..

Anonymous said...

The Lambretta - waiting to be rescued?

Mumbai Paused said...

i'm not sure if it is a lamy, looks more like a Vijay Super

Anonymous said...

Utter coolness! Love their mood.
Although not candid (I have a weakness for those), these work very well as posed. I like their interaction with you:)

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