21 Jan 2010

Prakash Pathe Marg (Opp. Badhwar park)

Like all Indian cities, Mumbai too is dotted with villages that it gobbled up or ones that sprung up to cater to the needs of the city. Like Phule Nagar, a Fisherfolks Colony opposite Badhwar Park. It was also one of the landing spots for the terrorists who came in by boat from Pakistan in November 2008.

Phule Nagar is an extremely congested version of villages hugging the Kokan Coast, with very little drinking water, lack of toilets, the Bombil being dried, and the man repairing the boat is actually sitting on the footpath leading towards Cuffe Parade. This must also be the only fishing village where the youngsters are forced to play volleyball away from the seashore. Because Phule Nagar is a 'beachless' fishing village.


Debby said...

A 'beachless' fishing village. Good observation. I am yet to see one.

Deepa said...

tum aise jagah kaise pata karte ho yaar ... and btw good research !!!!!!

SloganMurugan said...

Thank you.

I had a meeting in Nariman Point. This place was a stone's throw away and close to the business district. Couldn't help but click.

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Anonymous said...

The former beach is now Prakash Pethe Marg. Check into the city's history

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