22 Jan 2010

Western Express Highway

Workspace Mumbai. Snow white Krishna.

Krishna the sculptor. He works in a small house that sits on what should have been the footpath.

See the full Workspace Mumbai Series here.


Paul Nixon said...

What a skilful job; I'm full of admiration for these craftsmen. Bet you had to dust yourself down after that shoot.

Anonymous said...

What a foolish sculptor. Tell him he will die of asbestosis unless he wears a tight mask around his face. Even then he will die of asbestosis because of such prolonged exposure to the powdery dust. Instead of doing this fatal work he can do so many other things in mumbai.

SloganMurugan said...

Yes. But it easy to dust it off. And I was thinking exactly what anonymous here says. He's playing with his life...

Anonymous said...

you mean he works in a small house that shouldn't have to be on a footpath. Love the photographs.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if its the same, but I had seen a sculptor's shop at the turn for Aarey milk colony on JVLR.

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