24 Feb 2010

Andheri West

2 Indian Idol 3 contestants relive their magic days.

Reality Check.

Reality shows are a great platform for youngsters from small towns to have a shot at instant fame on a country-wide platform. For the youngsters, being part of the show is also their first experience in a big city. Throw in the camera, media and money and everything suddenly becomes larger than life. The usual practice is to throw the kids into the limelight and allow them to handle it on their own.

However, the fall from fame can come as fast as the climb, especially when a season ends. And the youngsters who cope best seem to be the ones who have adopted their competitors as friends and as a family away from home.

But there is no escape from the real battle. The battle for regain fame and recognition. Fame that these youngsters have tasted and seek to recreate or better. And that battle is a very lonely one.

For a bigger picture of what happens to these youngsters, read Gaurav Jain's cover story in this week's Tehelka.

Online version of the story here. For the full story, pick up a copy from your nearest newsstand this week!

A student notebook with the logo of MTV India's popular reality show - Roadies.

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