22 Feb 2010

Juhu Bus Station + Andheri (W)

Rahul Ingle (pillion) from Laughter Challenge 3. With him is Raghuveer Yadav's look alike.

Abhishek Kumar and Deepali Kishore from Indian Idol.

"2 lakh is the number of people across India who audition for a season of Indian Idol. 5,000 turn up for a dance show on a Malayalam channel."

Thousands of youngsters across India leave home each year in search of fame through reality shows. In this week's cover story, Gaurav Jain from Tehelka digs deep to find out what happens to them after you switch off?

Online version of the story here. For the full story, pick up a copy from your nearest newsstand.

Two photographs I clicked, appear as part of the story.


whizkid said...

congrats! published photographer and all, eh? :D

SloganMurugan said...

Thanks man! :)

siddarth said...

so ur a freelance photographer huh? i'm so j .... all the best :)

Debby said...

I love the first photo. Some peak moment! The story too is a good one.

Anonymous said...

finally you are getting paid for all your wonderful photos. great going man!

Charles Dastodd said...

nice captures! particularly the one on the bike :)

SloganMurugan said...

Thank you!

Paresh Palicha said...

Hey! Congrats! :-)

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