12 Mar 2010

Mahapalika Marg

These pictures are from the career counselling/ employment help section at Elphinstone Technical School in South Mumbai.

Stop learning. Start earning.

This section of the school also provides employment help for those who have just passed out of secondary school and cannot or don't want to study further.

However, besides Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, the school specialises in providing all kinds of technical skills from plumbing to operating lathe and computer machines to youngsters, mostly to the poor and lower middle class who have received very basic education from badly trained teachers that our Government Schools provide these days. Finally, it's up to the kids to find a career path for themselves.

I'm not sure if there will be many takers for this job that's prominently advertised. It's probably been hanging on the wall for decades.

But there are other options for both higher education and jobs that are prominently displayed for the students to choose from. But almost all of them are in Government Service and the Public Sector.

No, the recruitment done here and the figures are not headline material.

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Anonymous said...

And right next door, Xavier's, definitely a place of privilege and opportunity. That bit of Mahapalika Marg is a study in contrast.

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