13 Mar 2010

Parekh Road, Malad West

If you live in Malad West and use the local train to get to work, you will be greeted every day at your home station by the loudspeaker blasting messages about MM Lassi and Sweets, 7 days a week.

Except for one day of the week.

On Tuesday evenings, the MM Sweets advertisements are drowned by the sounds of bells ringing. That's the special day at the Hanuman shrine outside the station. It's popular among lonely, single men, mostly from the cow belt, who do the dirty work for us in this city to send a big portion of their earnings back home, to people I imagine, resemble the lonely lady in the sticker you find in autos saying, Tum Ghar Kab Aoge?


scratchpost said...

mm sweets. heh. how that brings back fond memories of malad station.

Iniyaal said...

Interesting... I have always imagined Mumbai to be a fast city...The Mumbai I see through your blog is turning my imagination around.

Anonymous said...

Malad was a cool place.. MM Lassi, Uncle's Kitchen, Orlem Church.. Great memories..

Also the 8.30 am local that starts from Malad for Chrurchgate. The entire platform is full capacity till the train arrives and completly empty in one minute..

There can be no one minute challenge better that this..

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