18 Mar 2010

Sector 17, Vashi

Work Space Mumbai Series: Footpath Library.

Books can't afford homes in this city. In Mumbai, the booksellers on the footpath provide the services local circulating libraries do in the rest of India. They also sell second hand books at 50 - 75% discount and you can always sell it back to them and get back at least 90% of the amount.

If you are a regular reader, they usually have a membership. The rate is flexible and depends on your bargaining skills.


Paresh Palicha said...

My teenaged nephew uses this service to the hilt. Even I ordered a couple of books last week.

I think they keep only fast moving popular titles, as he couldn't find any book by Ian McEwan or Frank McCourt for me in Borivali.

SloganMurugan said...

Yes. That's the sad part. There's no library like Eloor that I know of in Mumbai.

Saish said...

This is a nice click.

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