14 Mar 2010

Veer Nariman Road

Brands of Mumbai Series: Sachin Tendulkar

Imagine a life where you are always surrounded by people. You are moved from place to place and dropped in the middle of strangers. Lights, camera, smiles, shouts, offers, handshakes, etc. How would you know if the people surrounding you know their jobs? You have no option but to make judgments in split seconds. About a photographer for instance who is out of your life after a few flashes only to be replaced by someone else asking for a few minutes of your time. And they are just one of the hundreds you meet every single day.

After decades of this, day in and day out, you are expected to hit centuries, captain a team and carry the weight of expectations of a billion and a half Indians worldwide. This man is a rock - Sachin.


Paresh Palicha said...

Machu, I'm confused whether to praise your pictures or the short description you provide below them. You are a true Sabhyashaksi (one of Arjun's many names for being ambidextrous). Keep it up. :-)

harshal said...

Was once on my way to Kolkata early in the a.m. Four thirty or some unearthly hour.

Bleary eyed passengers ever so slowly making their way into an aircraft in a decaffeinated, hap hazard fashion.

Seems the first passenger in business class, left hand side, window seat was none other than SRT himself.

The erudite gent, right in front of me stops.

Approaches Him and asks (while shaking his hand in a energetic, pumping motion) "You are really Sachin, aren't you?"

The Little Master shyly smiled, looked at the floor and concurred.

For a moment there, I'd like to think he was taken aback by the effect he has on people around him.

Or maybe, simply focussed on the ODI on the following day.

Flickering Cursor said...

Wow. This is a first. You managed to put the master Himself off-focus. He would've approved though, he needs the blurry respite for a while. Brilliantly shot. And written.

whizkid said...

Sach an excellent photo :) well written too.

Iniyaal said...

Nice work... This photo speaks for itself! The focus, lights,... everything is so good. Beautiful photo.

Abhijit said...

Nice image...story telling...

SloganMurugan said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Such an insightful commentary. As somebody else said here, don't know whether to compliment you on the picture or the story below, both of which are equally fantastic.

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