23 Apr 2010


Any idea what this means?

The Goan quarter on Kalba Devi Road

Naval Dockyard Compound Wall

A deity painted to keep away people who pee.

The gods don't work any more.

What is SoBo?
Short for South Bombay that's become fashionable over the past couple of years. It's inspired by the popular name for South Boston.


Anonymous said...

God is watching.
And they say: uske ghar mein der hai andher nahi..

labrat said...

another example of how we love to ape the west in every way...SoBo that is :P

bythewindowsill said...

lol.. nice ones. have you read twisted dna's post on deities and walls. lovely! :-) :-)

Anu said...

the deities are fading... the garishly painted ones work a lot better, as the 'peeing' man probably is more aware of the lord watching him!

Abhijit said...

nice texture of the images...the last image speaks :-)

wandering soul said...

good one! Let's see how long b'lore graffiti is spared from such fate.

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