5 May 2010

Marine Drive, Nariman Pt

Work Space Mumbai: The Kitchen at Ziya, The New Oberoi.

Nothing can match the colours of natural Indian cooking ingredients. And how they are used and presented can change the simple white plate into a canvas. And that's exactly what Chef Vineet Bhatia does in what's probably the calmest Indian kitchen in the city.

These pictures were clicked to support a Tehelka story by Gaurav Jain, who spent a few days with the 42-year-old Master Chef at Ziya, the New Oberoi.


Y? said...

Wow! I was just gushing about that story in my blog. Great pictures :) And your Bangalore pictures too are fabulous!

Kamini said...

Brilliant photos. I once ate at a restaurant in London called Rasoi Vineet Bhatia. Wonder if it's the same chef.

bythewindowsill said...

what was the pink one??

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